Pervy Art in San Francisco 

I'm happy to finally give you the confirmed information for my two upcoming solo shows in San Francisco. (Both are organized by Femina Potens Edge.)

1- Madame S, Now through December 1st.
Reception is October 9th from 7-9pm.
385 8th Street, SF, CA

2- Center for Sex and Culture,
December 12 (reception 7-9pm) through January.
1519 Mission Street, SF, CA

There will be different photographs at the CSC show. Just to keep things interesting. =)

I'll be at both receptions, so if you're able to, please come down for the parties! I'm also hoping to have copies of my new book for sale before it's even available in the US!

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - Sept 15 - Dec 1, 2009 - FP EDGE and Madame S are proud to present the titillating artwork of photographer Christine Kessler. Kessler offers up some of her most visually stimulating pieces of erotic photography for you to enjoy at your favorite kink store. Don't pass up the opportunity to see pictures of beautiful models decked out in some of the most vibrant and sexy gear as she skillfully melds fashion, fine art, erotic and fetish imagery. Join us at Madame S for the opening reception on October 9 at 7pm.


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