Announcing "Nylon Girls" 

Whew!! At long last, I can share with you the details of my new book. This one, like my first, "Pervy Girls", is beautifully published by Goliath Books and will be available worldwide through Goliath's website,, or (autographed copies) It will also be available at local booksellers.

"Nylon Girls" is due to hit stores in the EU around October 15, 2009, and US shops in January 2010. I'm hoping to get my first shipment to sell by December at the latest. I'll announce it here.

This book revolves around hosiery and the gorgeous girls wearing it. Though "nylon" is in the title, the book features pantyhose, stockings, knee-highs, latex stockings, garter belts, and high heels. You've seen some of the images here as I've shot them, but there will certainly be a lot of exciting new photographs for you to enjoy too.

The beautiful Mosh graces the cover. We shot at Kirk Alley's house.

The models:
Amina Munster
Ancilla Tilia
Angela Ryan
Athena Fatale
Mz Berlin
Courtney Cruz
Emily Marilyn
Erica Campbell
Hollywood Geisha
Jade Indica
Jade Vixen
Jewell Marceau
Kayla Jane
Lucretia Stone
Mandy Murders
Miss Conduct
Ruby Luster
Ryan Keely
Satine Phoenix
Ulorin Vex

Administrator (Christine Kessler) 
Phil, I agree. Actually, we had intended to release a large-format book this time, then the economy took it's epic dump. The publisher felt we'd do better going with another modestly sized book this time, and the big one next time around.

Great book with some super sexy, lush photos of some gorgeous girls. My only gripe: wish the book was printed in a bigger format. Some of my favourite photos are the size of a postage stamp. However this is still an excellent book. Looking forward to the next one.


I got 'Nylon Girls' yesterday (I'm in the UK), and I just wanted to say I love it. A hosiery fan's dream! Very hard to pick favourites, but the series on p56-59 with Darenzia & Angela Ryan is fantastic. Such a hot little book!

Woot! Rad! Can I reserve a copy for purchase when you get your order?


Can't wait for this one!

This time I'm getting it from your site though since you autograph them! :D


Angela Ryan 
fuck yeah! go you! can't wait to see it! congrats! xo

Amazing cover :) Ok, so in EU it will be available soon...but is Portugal included??? never saw here "pervy girls" :/


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