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      • Gay Boys and Pretty Girls
        On Saturday night, I took a bunch of VacBeds over to my friend's bar, The Eagle LA, for their monthly rubber night called Rub Out. LA may be a metropolitan city, but there aren't many opportunities to get decked out in full rubber gear in public. I was one of only two or three women at t

      • Why???
        OK... Now let me preface this by saying that I LOVE THE GAYS. I mean, really really a whole bunch. 90% of my friends are gay men and I am one with them. But, every once in a while, I see something that I just don't get.

        Today, I went to visit Bud at 665. Darenzia was with me and

      • My neighbors hate me cuz I run vacuum cleaners in the middle of the night!
        Wow, I'm pooped. It's late and I just got back from dropping Apnea off at her hotel. But! Before that, she and Miss Conduct and I got out a couple of VacBeds and had us a teensy little photo shoot. =)

        And, by the way, in the HUGE NEWS department, Miss Conduct dyed her hair l

      • Long Overdue!
        Finally, I've made time for a much-needed and long overdue update to my portfolio site. I still need to add some galleries, but the rest of it is done! YAY!

        And, even better news... I've added a store to that site and am offering signed advance copies of my book. Gettem whil

      • Rubber Dynasty
        Over the weekend, Betka and I hooked up with Gwen for an all-latex photo extravaganza! There was so much yummy rubber floating around the studio that we got a little too eager and didn't manage to shoot everything we'd hoped to. B's coming back in February, though, so we're gon

      • Hurricaine Betka
        Betka's been here since the 30th, in time for a naughty New Years Eve celebration. We planned a couple of extra days to "recover" from the debauchery (and clean all that latex) and managed to get a bit of shooting in as well. One of the days we went downtown to do a little shopping.

      • Pia and KJ

        A new little mini-set of my VacBed photos have been added to the VacBed website today. They feature Pia and KJ in a VERY slick and shiny custom VacBed. The full set's going to be added to my members section soon, but you can enjoy the tease over at VB in the meantime!


      • Special Delivery
        I got a message from Apnea that she's coming to visit this month!
        Let's celebrate with a photo of her and Stoya.
        Everyone wins...

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