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      • Darenzia and ZoŽ Britton
        Earlier this week, I had the awesome pleasure of shooting Darenzia and ZoŽ Britton at Winky Waco (our pal, Octavio's compound). I hadn't shot ZoŽ for a couple years and the last time was for Danni's Hard Drive. I'm so excited to have her on my own site because she's fuckin

      • Update - 30 January, 2008

        At the Lodge with Darenzia - In the Legs Gallery

        Darenzia is easily on of my favorite leg models. Her long, graceful legs are gorgeous and she's got a genuine love of hosiery and heels. In this gallery, she wears a beautiful dress over sheer lingerie and beautiful stockings, s

      • Angela and Mina
        Day before yesterday, I shot with Angela Ryan and Mina Meow at my friend, Rodeo's, apartment. The shoot was a bit of a quickie, but we all had a blast. More fab latex by Black Lickorish... =)

      • Woman
        Yesterday was my first shoot with Angelit. I say "first shoot" because I'm hoping there are others. She was a joy to hang out with, a lot of fun, and incredibly sexy. As I was editing the sample photos, it occurred to me that I rarely photograph women like her. There's someth

      • Sugasm #115

      • Angela, Emily, Darenzia
        As promised, I'm posting the rest of the samples from my shoot with Angela Ryan, Emily Marilyn and Darenzia. Now I need to do yesterday's samples... Then today's... Actually, I'm shooting through Wednesday, and Saturday too. So be prepared. LOL

      • Drip drip drip
        It's been dumping rain for days, and though I love it, it's making it hard to drive in LA. The city's just not set up for it...

        I'm on my way to another shoot in a minute, but I wanted to post a photo from yesterday's shoot with Angela Ryan (and her new boobs) an

      • I'm a busy bee!
        I picked up Darenzia at the airport last night. She's here for two weeks, and not a moment too soon. I missed her!!

        I have a fuckton of shoots coming up, and I thought I was going to take it easy for a while. LOL Darenzia, Angela Ryan, Kortni, Hollywood Geisha, and a new model, A

      • Update - 23 January, 2008

        Retro Raunch with Anastasia Pierce - In the Legs Gallery

        These photos were taken the first time I ever shot Anastasia Pierce. She is so damn sexy and so fucking kinky, and her fetishes are as varied as mine. She is seriously turned on by sexy lingerie and snug stockings, and it�

      • My heart belongs to Apnea
        Ok, I gush about Apnea all the damn time. Cuz she's hot. And she's my friend. And I love her like no other. And, just in case you're some kind of doubter... Check out this "scrapbook page" she just sent me. It's the best thing I've ever seen in my life and he

      • Go Kustom
        I haven't seen Kitten Coquette in a few years so it was really nice to find this interview and striptease video of her on You Tube. I do wish she'd come back to LA already!

      • FF
        Damn... Another great show missed! I need some frequent flyer miles so I can make it to all these events. LOL

        Here's Jean Bardot and Rubber Doll from the Fetish Factory anniversary party. Shiny rubber and ballet boots. Sounds like my kind of fun!

      • This kitty's got torpedo tits!
        I found this video of the ever-yummy Jean Bardot performing a few years ago. I only wish the video was clearer, or that I'd been there myself. It looks like a pretty hot show!

      • Dave Naz's blog
        I must be living under a rock. I don't know how I missed Dave Naz's blog, but I did. I'm making up for my ignorance by telling you about it here. It's extensive, going back several years. Sadly, he hasn't updated it since late last year, but I'm sure he'll be u

      • Jelena - Danni's Girl
        It's been a while since I shot at Danni's Hard Drive, and just as long since Jelena and I have shot together. Gonna have to do something about that! Here's a video of her from Danni's, she was girl of the month back in January 2006.

      • Update - 16 January, 2008

        I shot Emily at Michael Helms' house last year. In this set, she wore pasties, sheer panties, fishnet stockings, and her fancy Louboutins. OMG, she was so gorgeous in the summer shade, her body amazing, eyes smoldering... I can never get enough of Emily. Read more about this sho

      • Sugasm #114

      • Aradia Ardor
        Yesterday was my first shoot with Aradia Ardor. On top of that, it was my first time using my new ring flash that I received for Xmas. I love that flash and it was everything I could do to not use it for every single set we did. LOL I displayed MASTERFUL CONTROL!!

        Aradia had been plan

      • Angela rides again!
        Here's video of Angela Ryan's shoot for Monster Garage. She's the perfect pinup!

      • Defect Doll
        OMG, I am in LOVE with Defect Doll.
        Nuff said. =)

      • Dallas Fetish Ball
        Who knew Dallas had a "Fetish Ball" too? LOL Angela's a Texan, so she didn't have to travel far, but I'm thinking those perverts down there felt pretty lucky to have someone of Midori's stature make an appearance.

      • The girls are coming!
        It's that time again. The time when my house becomes a hotel for models. Yay! Darenzia is due to arrive next week and Angela Ryan a couple days later. I'm going to be shooting them together at some point during their stay. It's been years since the three of us worked together and

      • Wet Underwear Contest!
        I was over at the Eagle the other day and saw that they'd used one of my photos for their wet underwear contest poster. I think it came out great!! Took the photo of the poster with my phone, so it's not the best quality in the world, but you get the idea. =)

      • Sexual Freak
        Looks like Stoya's next movie is about to hit the streets. The trailer's not up yet, but here's the page for bookmarking. You know it's worth stalking that page til the goods show up. =)

      • Bad video
        The video quality sucks, but I bet you still wish you'd been there!

      • Candids
        Wow! This guy's got a lot of time on his hands, trolling around the internet collecting photos like he does. LOL This one's candids, behind the scenes photos, outtakes... It features a lot of models I've shot like Darenzia, Emily Marilyn, Storm, Miss Conduct, Apnea, Ulorin Vex, Sc

      • Apnea and Scar
        I love both Apnea and Scar, and I'm glad I'm not the only one. =)

      • Photographers love them!
        Here's a video of Emily and Ruby being photographed by Maxime Avet. The photos are lovely, aren't they? It's hard to go wrong with such wonderful models!

      • Ruby Luster makes a scene
        That damn Ruby! Can't take her anywhere!

        Well, you can, but she'll just look hotter than you and steal all the attention.

      • Update - 9 January, 2008

        Little Friend with Chrissy Daniels - In the Legs Gallery

        I just love Chrissy Daniels. She's cute and fun and NASTY!! This gallery is just like her, cute, fun, and nasty. She wears bright colors fishnet stockings, bright green mules, and pulls out her "little friend"

      • Ariel loves balls!
        Ha ha... I am so behind with my You Tube scavenging. I ran across this video Ariel X uploaded. She's funny and I kinda love her. =)

      • Jack's POV 9
        I completely forgot to share!

        OK, get ready! The trailer for Stoya's first adult film has been released.

        It's porno.
        It's so dirty (don't say I didn't warn you!!).
        It's FREE!

        Make clicking on the photo to go to the

      • Update - 2 January, 2008

        Boots and Stalking with Ruby Luster - In the Legs Gallery

        These photos were taken during our trip to the Pacific Northwest this past summer. Rummaging through Ruby's suitcase, I found the most amazing knee boots. Gorgeous, black and shiny with the most extreme arch. She told

      • Can't wait for 2008!

        Happy new year! I just wanted to take a moment to wish you all the best for 2008. Last year was amazing. Truly one of the best years of my life. My first book was released in the US and I had photographs published in several compilations, I was blessed to work with some absolutely am

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