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      • Update - 20 February, 2008

        Dirty, Sexy Romance with Darenzia & Ulorin Vex - In the Legs Gallery

        There's something about this gallery that really works for me. Darenzia and Ulorin are so perfect together. Not only are they both uniquely beautiful, but they feed off of each other's love of

      • Phoenix Rising
        Ok, so where the hell has Satine Phoenix been all my life? LOL Pia befriended her a few years ago, and she told me about her then. But I didn't meet her until my last shoot with January Seraph. And, frankly, now I'm hooked.

        Yesterday, I shot both Satine and January and it wa

      • Maybe sooo tired...
        It's been a wild weekend, lemme tell ya. LOL

        I'll be posting about it in detail in the next couple of days. In the meantime, I wanted to post samples from today's shoot with Rubberdoll and Scar13. Latex and more latex, and fine-ass foxy ladies to wear it for me. Yaaaay!

      • Stoya and the Bear

      • Update - 12 February, 2008

        Tiny Waist with Berlin - In the Corset Gallery

        Big Chair with Emily Marilyn - In the Legs Gallery

        Latex, Head to Toes 2 with Xanthia - In the Latex Gallery

      • Latex Cribs
        You already know that Rubber 55 makes my favorite latex hoods (among other things...). Well, Darenzia sent me a link to this hilarious video that they made. It's a spoof on MTV Cribs, with a rubber twist! I think it's fucking spectacular!!

      • Update - 05 February, 2008

        Loft Livin' with Apnea - In the Encasement Gallery

        Girdle Girl with Darenzia - In the Legs Gallery

        Mirror, Mirror 2 with Stoya - In the Corsets Gallery

        Rubber, Head to Toes 1 with Xanthia - In the Latex Gallery

      • Malibu
        Yesterday, Darenzia and I shot at a fabulous mansion in Malibu. Makeup artist extraordinaire, Alex LaMarsh met us at my house just after 7am and we drove through the city to Pacific Coast Highway. We had the ocean on our left for the next 30 or so miles before arriving at the estate overlooking th

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