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      • Disappearing act...
        Thanks to all of you who messaged me about my disappearance. Very sweet of you to care. =)

        As you may know, I was out of the country on a trip to Germany for Fetish Evolution. I just got back a couple nights ago and have been juggling wicked jet lag with a whole shitload of work, so I

      • Kink Ball 08
        A couple weekends ago, I attended Kink Ball weekend here in LA. Friday night, Gwen and I hit the event at Bordello. Decked out in full rubber, we shot the shit with Steve Diet Goedde, Eric Kroll, Perry Gallagher, Rubberdoll, Tony Mitchell and a bunch of our other pervy pals. Saturday, Perry and M

      • Fine Art
        San Francisco was really great. Emily, Ruby and I had a blast and it was really interesting to watch the painting sessions. Here are a few photos...

      • Idelsy
        Picked up Ruby at the airport a couple hours ago after shooting all day with Idelsy. We're picking Emily up bright and early tomorrow so I have to get in bed. Just wanted to share some of today's photos while I have the chance. =)

      • Planning and prepping
        Sorry for the silence, guys. Shit's been really crazy busy for me recently. I've had a couple shoots (and another tomorrow) and have been working on a bunch of business stuff. Also, I'm getting ready to head up to San Francisco on Monday with Emily and Ruby. My very talented frien

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