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      • My back is back
        About ten years ago, I was working at UCLA and one day, I was going through some patient files and twisted to grab something and my back revolted. I ended up in bed for a couple of weeks in excrutiating pain. Those back spasms have revisited me every couple of years since. I can feel them coming

      • Sampling
        So, I mentioned that my pal, Gummi Boy, gave me the best pervy present recently. I took the bottle and a gasmask to my shoot with Jean Bardot and she insited on shooting with it. LOL That's my girl!

        We did video too, and that's really the best way to experience it. Well, bes

      • Bud and Cirus
        These are samples from Day 2 of Serious Bondage. Man... I just love me some kinky fags. They're so dirty, it's just great to be there for it!

        In other news... I shot today with Anastasia Pierce, Jean Bardot (Rubberella), and Athena Fatale.

      • Serious Bondage
        I had an awesome couple of days shooting with Mark from Serious Bondage. He came down to LA with a car full of strict bondage gear and we rallied a few of my dirty friends to try it all out.

        Day 1:
        Models: Gwen and Sinnamon
        Gear: Metal restraint chair, erector set, heavy cuffs<

      • I <3 Raja
        Here are a few more images of Raja from our last shoot. I'm running around like crazy these days, so sorry for the lack of posts.

        Dress and hood are mine, by Rubber55. Gloves and stockings by Simon O.

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