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      • Perfection
        Shot the other day with Mz Berlin and Miss Conduct. I'll have samples shortly.

        In the meantime, I've just been invited to view her private webcam and I can't wait to see what's gonna happen. She said, "expect crazy pix". LOL Knowing how kinky she is, I�

      • Ryan and Scar 8
        Ryan Keely - Click to enlarge!

        In our last shoot, I introduced Ryan to violet wands. I wanted to shoot her with it again for an upcoming article, this time with her lovely face showing. (Last time she was in full encasement.) She jumped at the chance and this image is from

      • Ryan and Scar 7
        Ryan Keely - Click to enlarge!

        I've got to give a big thanks to Paige Richards. She borrowed a couple of my VacBeds for one of her new fetish films (Christina Kisses) and when she shipped them back to me, she'd included this fantastic purple bra and girdle set. Pai

      • Ryan and Scar 6
        Ryan Keely - Click to enlarge!

        I mentioned Scar's hats in a previous post, but she also makes some spectacular eye patches. When we saw them, we knew we had to work them into some of the day's photos. This red number inspired Ryan to put together a "sexy pirat

      • Ryan and Scar 5
        Ryan Keely - Click to enlarge!

        Ryan has been begging me to shoot her in ballet shoes. I would never turn down such a request, so I'm not sure why we hadn't done it before. Either way, I'm a lucky pervert, popping yet another of Ryan's kink cherries. Stay

      • Ryan and Scar 4
        Scar - Click to enlarge!

        Between sets, we were sitting around talking and Scar mentioned that she sometimes goes out wearing a rhinestone moustache. I nearly fell over when she told me. She was happy to see me so excited about it, and I was happy that she agreed to let me ph

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