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      • Fetish At Night - after
        So, last night was interesting. The show was scheduled to air from 7 to 9pm, but we actually didn't get started til well after 8. But once the show got going, it was a lot of fun. Sinnamon and Orpheus have great chemistry and the show was very light-hearted. Sin shared porn stories, includi

      • Fetish At Night
        I'm appearing on the show Fetish At Night tonight at 7pm. Short notice,I know. Sorry. Sinnamon is the co-host of the show and she invited me to come by and talk about voyeurism. We'll see how it goes!

      • Pia and Angela
        I've been doing my darndest to get caught up on editing, and that means I've finally had a chance to finish the photos I shot of Pia and Angela back in January.

        Which reminds me... I just got an email from Angela saying she's getting a boob job in August! Woah! I had no

      • Update 27 June

        "Cinched by Tattoos" in the Corset Gallery
        I've had the very good fortune to develop some great working relationships with some of the raddest designers working in fetish today. One of those is Simone from Exquisite Restraint Corsetry. Several years ago, Darenzia s

      • Update 20 June
        I'm making some changes to my membership site, and detailing the updates here in the blog is one of them. The site is My Fetish DIARY, after all... =)

        "Blue VacBed" in the Latex Gallery
        Apnea was in town a while back, staying at my house as she often does

      • My Favorite Model
        My publisher is doing a compilation book entitled "My Favorite Model" and has asked me to participate. Though it's a lovely concept, it's also pure evil as I've had real difficulty choosing A model. My list isn't huge, but there are definitely more than one. For the

      • The Future
        I envision a day when we all have a porno coffee table!

      • Bodyhose
        I just spoke with my pal, Yasmin Ling, and she let me know that her new store launched yesterday. Check out for the killer nylon tube seen in this photo of Apnea.

        The tubes are so much fun whether you're into photography, encasement, bondage, etc. They are

      • Art vs. Porn
        A few years ago, Miss Conduct posted this photo to her Deviant Art account. Someone was kind enough to make it the daily deviation so it got a lot of exposure. And, for some reason, it inspired some serious debate along the lines of ART vs. PORN. I was caught up in it and expounded quite passiona

      • Sexy Latex
        I was crusing around the web yesterday and stumbled across an awesome fetish blog. As I scrolled down, I saw that they had just posted one of my photos and a link back here. And a nice little description too.

        If you have a moment, go visit Sexy Latex Blog and enjoy all the y

      • Gift for D
        Xanthia was kind enough to indulge me. See... I know some things about some people. Like I know that Darenzia is fucking funny. And I know that she LOATHES this one porno pose. It involves two hands crossed at the wrists, spreading apart the labia. And, she's kinda right. I've shot

      • Emily and Ruby
        Before my trip to Chicago, I had a terrific day of shooting with Emily Marilyn and Ruby Luster. Of course, Emily and I go waaaay back. We've shot together countless times over the years and I've loved every minute of it. I've always had this soft spot for her... She's one of

      • Feh-ish
        My friends are sick. SICK I tell you!! (And I wouldn't have it any other way.)

        So, my pal Quinn sent me an email the other day. The subject line merely said "Feh-ish". The contents of the message was simply a link.

        He's sick and he makes me laugh. That

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