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      • Itty bitty Rollei
        I soooo want one. To go with my grown-up size film version. The new Rolleiflex MiniDigi AF5.0.

        Not the best digital camera, I'm sure. Only 5MP and it shoots on a mini SD card (bleh). But, jeebus it's adorable! And the photos are SQAURE. And you hold it waist level just lik

      • Moustache Night
        A couple weeks ago, Jean Bardot swooped through town so we all met over at Anastasia's house to celebrate. Though I had to suffer through Madonna (again!) we had a whole lotta fun. It culminated in Mustache Night. We all had mustaches drawn on our fingers, with the excpetion of Ana and Liam

      • Mosh
        I've been so busy lately, but not shooting much. I've been spending 14 hour days sitting in front of the computer working on websites, design, video and photo editing. It was a nice change of pace to get out of my usual schedule and into a photo shot. Yesterday, I picked Mosh up at her

      • 30 days
        The other night, I spent a rare few hours on the couch catching up with Tivo. I got so angry watching 30 days that I went to bed fuming.

        In that episode of the very interesting documentary series, they had this Mormon cunt from Orange County (she was adopted as a child and had two adop

      • My other job
        I've been designing websites for years. It had kind of slowed down recently, but I've been a busy bee lately. I have been working with Darenzia to revamp her site and to add some new ones for her, and I have to say, I'm pretty proud of the results.

        First thing's firs

      • Emily's toofs
        Emily has gotten braces. I know she's wanted them for a long time and I hope this helps with her TMJ pain. Interestingly, she's making a video blog about it. First two installments are up on youtube. Here they are as well:

      • Skin
        It's been a couple years, but I managed to shoot Skin again yesterday. Shelby was kind enough to let us destroy her apartment (Skin and Martin were staying there). It was sweltering, but we had fun!

        Tonight I took my sweetie to eat at Providence. OMG... The food was amazing. Se

      • Jade and Darenzia
        I'm exhausted. Two days of solid shooting in the bag and though I'm really pleased with the results, I'm fucking pooped. So, in lieu of me actually writing a decent blog entry, here are the latest and greatest starring Miss Tan for Summer Darenzia and the smokin' hot Jade Indic

      • Pretty in Pink
        I saw my wonderful friend, Defect Doll yesterday. I have proof!

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