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      • New Virgins
        I received a couple packages in the mail today from Nexus (Virgin Books). Two new covers featuring my photography!

        The Upskirt Exhibitionist by Ray Gordon

        Longing for Toys by Virginia Crowley

        I've been so happy to work with them, and I hear that the

      • Update 25 July

        "Divine Shine" with Darenzia and Raja - in the Latex Gallery

        This week's latex update consists of a gallery of photos shot in March wherein I bust Miss Raja's latex cherry. More often than not, Raja's role at my shoots is as makeup artist but every once in

      • Buried
        I have a ridiculously enormous backlog of photos waiting to be edited. It's daunting. In fact, there's so much to go through that I actually forget about stuff more often than I'd care to admit. Take today, for instance. I was just going through some folders on one of my drives an

      • Update 18 July
        Over 200 new photos this week!

        "Wabbit" in the Portraits Gallery

        I was so excited about these photos of Shelby that I moved them to the front of the line for this week's update. That means they beat out a couple hundred other photo sets. Read more about t

      • Spark
        My fabulously talented pal, Rob Roberge, has just published the first in a series of columns on electrical play. You can read it here! And... If you're in the mood for some fab fiction, grab a copy of his super book More Than They Could Chew. I really enjoyed it (and the smidge of S/M he th

      • Got the models pimpin'
        After long last, Shelby and I finally got out shit together and shot. Not only did we manage to execute a long overdue photo shoot, but she was kind enough to pimp for me! LOL

        Shelby works for Syren and a week or two ago, a couple of young beauties came into the store. Shelby was in

      • Update 11 July

        "Orange and Latex 2" in the Latex Gallery
        In part 2 of this gallery, Lorraine has removed the ginormous rubber posture collar allowing herself a greater range of motion. What's that mean? She gets to play with herself, folks, and it's hotter than you can imagin

      • Update 4 July

        I love these photos of Lorraine so much that I made one of them the main photo for the front page of my site. Now, that's saying something. The latex dress and posture collar are by Marquis and were used in one of her adult movies. I'm awfully glad she held onto them because

      • Fetish Exhibit TONIGHT!!
        Another late notice, I know. (Man I suck at this!)

        Tonight at the Bondage Ball in LA.


      • New FETISH SHOP!
        I created a new little shop.
        Check it out!

      • Wiki for Rubber Pervs
        The awesome people behind 3XL have had the good sense to start a Wiki for rubberists. Check out the LatexWiki to learn more about all things rubber. As with all Wikis, you can add and edit entries, and now's the time to do it. With the service still in its infancy, there is a lot of room for

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