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      • Porcelain
        I've spent the last couple days with my girl, Porcelain. Stay tuned for her upcoming website Girl Number 9. She's in town visiting from her home on the other end of the country and we hadn't seen each other since our first shoot back in July of 2006. The poor thing is stuck way out

      • Update 29 August, 2007

        VacBox Double-Team Pt. 2 with Anastasia Pierce, Jean Bardot, and Athena - in the Sessions Gallery

        In part 2, Ana's removed her catsuit and has entered the box nude. Jean put a gasmask on her and gave her some excruciating demonstrations of breath control. Anastasia said later

      • Update 22 August, 2007

        VacBox Double-Team 1 - with Anastasia, Jean Bardot, and Athena - in the Sessions Gallery

        I'm lucky enough to be able to lay my hands on some really wicked gear, before it's even available to the general public. (Thanks to!!) I brought the VacBox (latex bondage

      • Out of the Woods
        Oregon was as beautiful as ever and the B&B we stayed at was better than I could have hoped for. (Check out the Twisted Cedar website for details.) Our first day was spent roaming the property and relaxing. As I mentioned, my camera died so day two started with a trip to buy a new one. Emily

      • In the wilds
        So, here I am in Sandy, Oregon. It's positively spectacular up here. A million shades of green all around us. The trip, so far, has had its ups and downs. We've had fun and did a bunch of shooting yesterday. But before that, my camera died. We had to head back down into town to buy a

      • The storm before the storm
        Tomorrow (well, later today, actually) is going to be nuts, full of activity. I am going to Oregon on Sunday, early early early in the morning, with Emily Marilyn. She's picking me up in the darkness of too early to be going anywhere. I don't know when I'll sleep. We will be flyin

      • Obsession
        I have been positively obsessed with Stoya since our last shoot. She's absolutely perfect and not only can I not get enough of her, I'm sharing the wealth with everyone I can think of. I drove her out to Suze Randall's ranch the other day so that they could meet her, and not surpris

      • Update 15 August 2007

        Medical Mishap with Darenzia - in the Latex Gallery

        Leave it to the genius of Darenzia to take a cliché like a rubber nurse's uniform and make it something spectacular! She had this sexy peekaboo pink latex dress custom-made by Vex, with matching hat, panties, and stockings.

      • Pee&Poo
        Leave it to my squishy pal, Gimp. He coughed up this gem of a website today.
        And we thank him for it.

        Ladies and germs..

        Without further ado... I give you Pee and Poo dolls.

        Thanks, Gimpy. You callous-having dork. LOL

      • Alabaster Beauty
        I shot Stoya for the second time yesterday. I'm smitten. I'm hooked. I'm head over heels. She's just amazing.

        She just moved back to LA from the east coast, has only been here about a week now. She and J rented an adorable single apartment with a giant walk in clo

      • Butter Wouldn't Melt
        I received another new Nexus (Virgin Books) cover in the mail. This one is called "Butter Wouldn't Melt" and the cover models are Betka Schpitz and Anastasia Pierce. The collection grows!

      • Sweet, sweet ottoman.
        I have got some funny friends. They totally made my day.

        This is a spoof of this unbelievable video on youtube.

      • Update 08 August, 2007

        Bathed in Light with Hollywood Geisha - in the Latex Gallery

        This is one of my favorite sets of photos, by far. Geisha and I hadn't shot in a while and she called to tempt me with shooting her in some of her new latex. The girl hardly needs to woo me, I'm already fully i

      • Update 01 August, 2007

        Denim and Diamonds with Mandy Murders - in the Corset Gallery
        (Corset by Exquisite Restraint)

        I'm updating with this gallery in honor of the new issue of Skin and Ink magazine (October, 2007). Why? One of my photos of Mandy from this set is gracing the current cover!
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