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        Though it means that I haven't been shooting or editing as much lately, I've really been enjoying the time I've spent doing site design. It had been a while since I spent so much time on it, but it's a nice change of pace.

        I mentioned Darenzia's redesign a couple

      • Yes, I'm one of THOSE geeks
        Evan strikes again. (Or is that STRIKES BACK?)

        Which reminds me that I was listening to news radio in my car a couple weeks ago and it was the traffic segment. The traffic dude was talking about some spectator slowing on one of the freeways and he actually said, "Move a

      • My bathroom smells like latex

      • Anna and Ana
        Originally, Anna Rose was going to stay the night tonight, but she ended up having to skip town earlier than expected. That made the five hours we got to spend together all the more valuable. Back when she was planning her trip, we talked about all of the amazing latex she was going to bring along

      • The Chart Does Flow
        So, this morning, my soon-to-be-employed friend, Evan, sent me a link to a funny graphic. He is particularly skilled at doing that. For example, he sent this one a few weeks ago.

        <wipes tears from eyes>... Still gets me. LOL

        Anyways, back to today. I�

      • At long last - Kayla
        Kayla Jane and I have been planning to shoot for, literally, years. I don't know why it took so long... Schedules, lives, proximity... Finally, though, yesterday was the day, and I'm so glad it finally happened. She's smokin' hot and so much fun. And buried deep inside the t

      • Zivity Bootcamp
        Today's my birthday! So far, so awesome. Bob arrived with yummy pastries as I was getting out of bed, then we hit the California Science Center for the Body Worlds exhibit. This one was as cool as the first, plus they had an ostrich and a giraffe. After that, we headed over to the Museum of

      • Pervtastic TV
        How cool is this? You can embed this player on your blog, website, facebook, myspace, etc. etc. Watch videos and chat with perverts! I think I love it!

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