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      • Update 26 September, 2007

        Lap of Luxury with Jean Bardot - In the Latex Gallery

        Jean Bardot is known for her love of rubber and I'm always honored to shoot her in it. These photos were taken back in April at Anastasia Pierce's house. I got to go through all of Jean's latex and pick out my f

      • Hypocrites for the ethical treatment of animals

        Maybe you like Dita, maybe you don't.

        Maybe you like fur, maybe you don't.

        Maybe you volunteer down at the animal shelter, maybe you don't.

        Whatever your views, I think you'll still agree that PETA is just cashing in on Dita's wil

      • E-Stim
        I don't photograph much in the way of E-Stim (or electrical stimulation / electical play) because, frankly, it's just not that visual. It'd be a photo of a person with some electrodes attached to their skin or wearing a butt plug with wires coming out of it. But in reality, I really

      • Bon Voyage!
        So, my house and heart will be all sad because Darenzia is leaving. Back to NYC. We finally had the chance to hang out tonight, she's always so booked up with shoots when she's here that I only see her right before bed. Our friend, Evan brought over a 14 pound brisket (!!) that I cut in

      • Violet Wands
        I started out when I was about 20 with violet wands. OMG, they are still one of my very favorite toys. I love the sound, the look, the scent of ozone, and of course, the sensations. Believe it or not, I bought my first kit out of some dude's garage in the early 90s. I'd never heard of

      • One of those...
        It's been one of those weeks that finds everyone in town all at once, and a flurry of activity because of it. Apnea and LP finally went back to TX a couple nights ago, Darenzia is still here (currently napping in my bed), Nicolla is in LA too, as is Ulorin Vex. My usual Wednesday update is la

      • Sugasm #97
        I've entered my next post for next week's Sugasm, so, in accordance with their rules, enjoy #97. =)

      • Sightings
        First of all, Apnea was wearing the same outfit as my dog, Belly.

        And then, she made a big splash with the fellers at the Eagle. Gay chili cookoff was a big success (it was a fundraiser), despite the one entry that tasted and smelled like vomit. The amazing thing is that eve

      • Sunday, spicy Sunday
        Darenzia arrived on Friday morning. She's in town to model at the Fetish Photobox. We're shooting on Wednesday too, with Ulorin Vex. Apnea's also here and I picked her up last night so we could hang out today. I'm judging a chili cookoff at my friend's leather bar, so th

      • Crisis Averted

        And, just when I was worried about going to bed seething, I peeked over at the Sugasm site and saw that they chose to use one of my pictures of Jewell for this edition. Thanks, guys!

      • Is nothing sacred?
        I just spent the last hour going through every one of my posts and deleting the lame spam comment some idiot posted with a link to free ringtones. Come on people! Why are there dumbshits whose sole purpose in life is ruining stuff? I mean, we're all here for one reason and one reason only.

      • Social Kink
        There's a fairly new community website aimed at us perverts. Check out Social Kink, set up a profile, and add me as your friend or, Kinkster, as they call it. =)

        From looking around the site, it's kind of like a combination of MySpace for adults and pervy profiles like on Alt.

      • Update 12 September, 2007

        White Light, White Heat with Ruby Luster and Emily Marilyn - In the Legs Gallery

        This gallery, named for a Velvet Underground song (I don't know how appropriate THAT is, but it sounded good at the time) is from my first shoot with Ruby Luster. She and Emily are wearing pricey

      • A Jewell in bondage, pantyhose and latex
        I can't believe how long it's been since my first shoot with Jewell Marceau. Especially since our first shoot went so well; it yielded an ad for House of Harlot and the cover of the Skin Two Directory.

        We ran into each other several times this year, at Kink Ball, at DomCon, and

      • Sugasm #95
        I've decided to join the throngs and submit some of my posts to the great Sugasm erotic blog project thing. =) As part of the submission rules, I'm posting their most recent issue here. Enjoy and be sure to go check out their site for past entries.

      • Yet another reason to loathe them both

        Yeah, so maybe "godless pornographer" is a cliche, but I'm alright with that. This is a screen capture from a truly disturbing documentary called "Deliver Us From Evil". It only reinforced my beliefs about religion. Way to go Pope! Nice one Catholic Church!

      • Outrageous lamp/chair action
        There's a fancy new community site out there called Social Kink. It's kinda like MySpace for perverts. Sweet, huh?

        They have a new interview up with my bottom bitch, Apnea. Check it.

        And if you're into reading, there are archived interviews with Steve DG, Mido

      • Monster Garage
        Our very own Emily Marilyn currently has a slinky video featured at the Monster Garage website. As I write this, her video is linked from the front page of the site. It's also listed on the video archive/pinup girls page, along with a video of Angela Ryan. I love seeing my friends bust out i

      • Update 05 September, 2007

        Boiler with Darenzia and Courtney Cruz - in the Latex Gallery

        Our friend, Acacia, called one day with frantic good news. The building she worked in was being vacated and she wanted to get me in there to shoot before she had to hand in the keys. I was thrilled and immediately round

      • Shhhhhhhhhh......
        I've been approached by a publisher. There may be a new book in the works. Something a bit different this time. It's very hush, hush but exciting!!

      • Foot Job
        I posted a while back about a new product that is being sold on the Stockroom website. When I was in Chicago for IML a couple of months ago, Byron was kind enough to lube up and demonstrate for me. Enjoy! (If you look carefully, you'll see Betka, Minax, and trash in the background.)

      • Rocking Girl Blogger Award
        Mistress V posted a comment in one of my entries awarding me the "Rocking Girl Blogger Award". LOL She's a particularly cruel domme and that means her blog's an awfully good read. Go check it out!

        Thanks, V! It's really nice to know that people read and apprec

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