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      • BTS
        I swiped this photo from Apnea's journal. It's a shot by Michael Helms of Apnea posing for me. Pretty sweet!

      • Oakland again
        Rounding out my photo samples from the last trip to SF, here are three featuring Micaela. We shot these in an amazing old brothel in Oakland.

      • Thanks, but no thanks!
        I love Yasmin Ling, more now than ever. She and some friends have just launched a new website. Bookmark it, get the word out, down with Palin!

      • I'm NORMAL!!
        DSM Revision Petition

        The DSM Revision Petition is gathering signatures from individuals and organizations calling on the American Psychiatric Association (APA) to adhere to empirical research when revising the diagnoses in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).<

      • Apnea and Playboy

        Poor Apnea. She had a loooong day yesterday. The Playboy people picked her up at my house at 9am, and we didn't get back home until after midnight. As I mentioned before, I spent the morning doing some computer work, then went to meet them at the studio at 4pm.


      • Apnea and Kayla
        Apnea is sitting beside me while she waits for her ride. She's being filmed for a special on Playboy TV, it's gonna be great! I'm going to be joining them later on, but am taking the morning to get some work done. First order of business is samples from yesterday. Check it:

      • SF/Z
        San Francisco was great. I don't know what happened last time, but I really wasn't feeling it. This time was a vast improvement.

        I flew in Friday afternoon and met up with Mariya at Oakland airport. One $75 cab ride later, we arrived at our hotel in North Beach. We checked

      • Bootcamp or Bust!

        I'm off to San Francisco tomorrow for the second time this month. This time, it's work-related, though. Zivity Bootcamp is on Saturday but I'm getting in a day early to settle in and meet everyone. I already know some of the Zivity team, one of the models (Mosh) and bot

      • Busts
        So, it appears that a bunch of NYC dungeons are getting raided/busted. My question is... Once they close all the places down, what are the judges and lawyers gonna do? Get outcall?

      • Damon
        I don't post much on my blog about politics and religion, because I like to keep things light and entertaining, etc. However, I'm really afraid for the future. This presidential election has seriously got me worried. And, I'm not the only one...

        Matt Damon ma

      • Club Stoya
        One of my photographs of Stoya appears in the April 2008 issue of Club International Magazine. I know this is super late, but I just got the issue in the mail today. Better late than never. =)

      • Mila
        Kink's over. We're waiting for Bob. Gluefest #2 (must finish the projects!!). And, for stimulation purposes, we're watching Zoolander (for the 4 millionth time). Could Mila be any hotter than when she licks the blood from her lips?

      • Flickr
        So, I finally got around to making a Flickr Stream. Here's a slideshow of the images (most of which can also be found on this blog if you do some digging), or you can go to my Flickr Photostream by clicking here.

      • 20 years
        My trip to SF served several purposes.

        1) I was up there to see a concert.

        2) I got to hang out with Miss Conduct... It's been too long.

        3) I spent time with my pals Henry Lewis and Paul King.

        4) I got to meet the Zivity crew face-to-face.

      • Lessons
        The other night, Bob was out of town and I was left to my own devices. I invited Kink over for a latex gluing lesson, and we were joined by Evan and Crystal. The evening lasted forever, was very informative, and gave me new appreciation for how much work goes into making latex garments. It's

      • Flattery
        Apnea posted this image on her blog with the caption, "Thank you for making pretty pictures of people that look similar to me <3 ". A quick visit to Deviant Art revealed the source of the image (and several more by the same "artist" copying Apnea's look and tattoo with n

      • Zivity Bootcamp - The official details
        The Zivity Photography Bootcamp is an all day intensive workshop geared
        towards bringing your photography to the next level. Taught by three
        internationally published photographers recognized as the top in their
        field, the Zivity Bootcamp is your chance to step up your game in the
      • Heat Wave
        I've been in San Francisco for a few days now and there's been a crazy heat wave the whole time. How disappointing! I look forward to cool temps up here in the bay, not nutty 100+ days. Ouch!

        Today, I stopped by the Zivity offices to discuss the upcoming bootcamp and meet the

      • AlterPic Blog
        Anna Rose dropped me a line to let me know she'd posted our photos on her blog. You've got to go check it out. A great read with tons of hot latex photos. It's an awesome preview of what you'd see inside her membership site, =)

      • What's with chains?
        I mean, really... What's with chains? I've been doing some work on another website and going through the photos I see set after set of girls with chains for no good reason. Is it supposed to be "fetishy"? I guess it implies bondage, but come on! A hot girl in latex on a bed

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