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      • Flux
        I guess this shit is cyclical. You know how celebrities die in threes, or everyone you know is pregnant at the same time... Well, it seems like the word of the year is "flux". I'm not talking Back to the Future or soldering either. I'm talking change. Maybe Mr. Obama got the

      • But wait! There's more!
        Here's the next email I'm sending out. This time I'll refrain from posting the url's because this douche doesn't deserve the traffic.


        Hi there,

        My name is Christine Kessler and I'm a photographer

      • People suck
        I swear...

        I spent the better part of the last 24 hours finding stolen images of mine on Flickr and Tumblr. I usually leave a comment (if I can) saying that the image is stolen, where it was taken from (, and sometimes informing the thief that they're a shady loser

      • Announcing "Nylon Girls"

        Whew!! At long last, I can share with you the details of my new book. This one, like my first, "Pervy Girls", is beautifully published by Goliath Books and will be available worldwide through Goliath's website,, or (autographed copies) I

      • Pervy Art in San Francisco

        I'm happy to finally give you the confirmed information for my two upcoming solo shows in San Francisco. (Both are organized by Femina Potens Edge.)

        1- Madame S, Now through December 1st.
        Reception is October 9th from 7-9pm.
        385 8th Street, SF, CA

      • Redscale
        It's really amazing to me that as we're all moving on to digital, there are actually advances in low-fi photography. Maybe "advances" isn't the right word.

        A few obsessive days of combing Flickr has opened my eyes to all sorts of fun possibilities. Microclics, a

      • Contemplation
        Man, it's been a hell of a couple weeks. It's kind of hard to explain, even.

        I flew across the country to shoot a wedding. It wasn't just the ceremony, though, it was nearly a week of dinners, events, parties. I saw a few old friends, but met so many more. These would b

      • Got film?
        Being film obsessed, let me just say that if you have old film (120, 35mm, or Polaroid) sitting around collecting dust, I'd be pleased as punch to take it off your hands. =) Think of yourself as a patron of the arts.

      • Travel Bug
        The insanity continues! LOL

        A couple days after my birthday, BKP and I boarded a plane, landed in Utah, loitered for hours, boarded a second plane, and finally arrived in New Orleans. We cabbed it over to Ryan Keely's place and proceeded to bask in her ever present glory.

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