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      • On the road again

        four days in munich and three in berlin find me sitting at tegel airport awaiting my first of two flights. as good a time as i've had, i'm eager to get back home.
        i'm really happy to have met my publisher face to face. that's why I added berlin to my itinerary.

      • Fuck off

        enjoying munich, which is beautiful. tried to find my book at some of the bookstores and we were told it was sold out. woot!

      • Motoring

        Been driving since late last night. Went from London to France to Belgium. Currently at a rest stop in The Netherlands on our way to Miss Conduct's first of many shoots in Germany.

        We had a packed weekend of parties, clubs and shopping. Rubber Ball was a blast but more on

      • Skin Two Expo
        Martin, Sasha and I went over to the Skin Two Expo this afternoon. The Brits I spoke with weren't too impressed, but I explained to them that at US conventions and events, you barely get many exciting shopping options. It was really a treat to have so many latex designers all in one venue. ..Li

      • Shopping with models
        Darenzia got a late start yesterday, but she finally arrived at the local tube station where Martin, Hazmat and I met up with her. We hoofed it over to Showgirls, the showroom of several latex designers including Inner Sanctum and Atsuko Kudo. I spent hours watching her try on yummy latex. I'm

      • Camden

        Got a text message a couple hours ago that Darenzia had arrived. We all met up with her and N and had lunch at an Asian-y place. It is so great to see them, and even better that we're over here together. It's just gonna get better from here.

      • They think of everything

        It's the London 'Fetish Map'. I can't help but think that if they published one of these in LA, it'd be the size of a post-it.

      • Fighting jet lag

        nearly missed my flight.. gates changed with no warning. as I finally walked off to figure out what was going on, I overheard the final boarding call for my flight. once we got going. the flight was uneventful.

        landed and made it through customs really swiftly before meeting m

      • Bored at the airport

        miss conduct and martin are on a different flight to london. their's left 2 hours before mine which translates to 5 hours at the airport.

        which means i'm bored.

        which means i'm taking photos of abstracts.


        loving my camer

      • Mobile blogging

        In preparation for my trip abroad, I've set up mobile blogging. For this, my first mobile post, please enjoy this photo of my assistant, Ian, taken with my phone.

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