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      • Update, 31 October, 2007

        Kiss Curls with Betka Schpitz and K - In the Sessions Gallery

        I shot this raunchy scene with Ms. Betka and slave K up at her dungeon in Portland. They're both wearing similar rubber hoods, he's in a latex shorts suit, and she's in a latex mini-dress. She's got

      • My day with the gays
        I had a great shoot today at the Eagle. I photographed one of their customers, Rubber Kitten, and one of the bartenders, Justin, for some ads for the bar. I have always been and will always be completely smitten with latex inflatables by Pretty Pervy. This shoot made me real real happy.

      • Update, 24 October, 2007

        Cotton Candy with Apnea - In the Latex Gallery

        I received this adorable latex hood for my birthday, custom-made per my specs. I knew that Apnea would love it as much as I did, and I was right. We paired it with an outfit made by our friend Venus Prototype. They go together

      • Exquisite Restraint on Eros
        My fancy pal, Simone, corset-maker extraordinaire, has a new feature up on Eros Zine featuring some of my photos of Kortni and Apnea.

        Go check that shit out. =)

        And when you're done, go buy one of her fancy corsets.

      • Get your splooge-covered photos ready to mail...
        So, the cat is finally out of the bag. We weren't supposed to talk about it until the official announcement was made, and that's now. Digital Playground has announced on AVN that they have signed Stoya to an exclusive three year contract. That means I won't be able to shoot her for

      • Update, 17 October, 2007

        Pucker with Stoya - In the Legs Gallery

        This is easily one of my favorite galleries of Stoya, and it contains one of my favorite photos I've shot. It's the one used for the thumbnail above.

        I dressed Stoya in a cute cotton bra and these crazy plaid pantyhose, t

      • Dreamgirls
        Last Tuesday, Kortni, Stoya and I went out to see Raja's show at Rage in West Hollywood. It was Raja's last show after 5 or 6 years with the troupe and we wouldn't have missed it. I shot some extremely dark video of the girls during intermission. It's so dark, in fact, that it

      • Recently
        I was just going through some of the media on my phone and found these photos. They were taken during my shoot with Nicolla last month. The first shot is the view from her hotel room, way up high on Sunset Blvd., the downtown skyscrapers clearly visible in the distance. The others are phone snaps

      • Oh God
        It never ends, does it? The church looks down on all of us perverts, condemns us to hell, influences the government in its moral cause, ad nauseum. And, just like we've always known, they're just a bunch of hypocrites.

        Add another one to the list.

      • Update 10 October, 2007

        Destiny with Darenzia - In the Legs Gallery

        Darenzia is seriously showing off her dancer's legs in this sexy gallery. We shot this at Michael Helms' house in his guest bedroom. The light pouring through the window softly enveloped her beautiful body as she posed in rich,

      • Update 3 October, 2007

        Homebody with Jewell Marceau - In the Legs Gallery

        This was the first set we shot that day. Jewell in a spicy orange dress and amazing diamond-patterned Wolford pantyhose. We were in her kitchen and she was clearly the Queen of her castle as she climbed all over the counters, peel

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