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      • Distractions
        My best friend is in the hospital after some emergency surgery a few days ago. I've been spending all of my time there with him. So, it was a welcome distraction to go over to Sinnamon's new pad and shoot her and her new slave a couple days ago. Sin's got all the bases covered. Sh

      • Sugasm #106

      • Update, 28 November, 2007

        See Right Through Me with Anastasia Pierce - In the Latex Gallery

        Shooting Anastasia Pierce again after such a long hiatus was a pleasure. She offered me one latex ensemble after another, her vast collection laid before me. This transparent set was one of my choices. I adore tran

      • Books
        I received a new book in the mail a couple weeks ago, Fetish (The Best of International Contemporary Fetish Photography) published by Feierabend Unique Books. I contributed several images to this big 12"x8" hardcover volume last year. I am really happy that I finally received my copy fro

      • Update, 21 November, 2007

        Green Team with Apnea and Bella - In the Latex Gallery

        Shooting Apnea and Bella was such a treat. Two of my favorite people, and they both happen to be smokin' hot! I dressed them in green latex dresses by Venus Prototype and let them go to town. The tight rubber hugged thei

      • Ruby's blog
        Ruby Luster and I have become really close since we met at last year's Skin Two Rubber Ball. She's been visiting LA a bunch and we see each other when she's here. Otherwise we chat long distance or meet up at events.

        I've been helping her out with a new website desig

      • Update, 14 November, 2007

        See Spot Go! with Darenzia - in the Encasement Gallery

        The night before Darenzia was to return to NYC, we had an impromptu photo shoot in my bedroom. My fabulously talented friend, Milkboy, had made some sheer leopard print catsuits and was kind enough to loan them to me. D couldn

      • Day trip to porno town
        The majority of my erotic work hovers between "tasteful nudes" and fetish fashion, and I love it. But, every once in a while, I get to work with a <cough> carefree spirit like Anastasia Pierce. It's a joy, seriously.

        First of all, when you enter her house the first

      • Sugasm #104
        It's time for another Sugasm post. It's like all this great sex-bloggyness in one place. Easy to find. Easy to bookmark. A true humanitarian service! Go Sugasm!!

      • Update, 07 November, 2007

        Kiss Curls with Betka Schpitz and K - In the Sessions Gallery

        I shot this raunchy scene with Ms. Betka and slave K up at her dungeon in Portland. They're both wearing similar rubber hoods, he's in a latex shorts suit, and she's in a latex mini-dress. She's got

      • Caught in the act
        My good pal, Octavio, contacted me last week asking if he could do a little documentary about me for I so have his back. Always. =)

        I was lucky enough to get permission from Digital Playground to shoot Stoya for the piece. I picked her up at her house and we went over to my

      • Public Displays of Perversion
        I recently ran across two websites dealing with Zentai in public.

        The first, The Zentai Project, is a lighthearted group who arrange public outings in full-coverage.

        The second, Ani's Adventures, is one woman's performance art/psychological study. She's a colleg

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