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      • Ava London
        Ava London was the very first model I shot for GodsGirls. I've shot her for that site twice. This photo is from a shoot that we did for ourselves. She came over and hung out at my house for the day and we did some fun sets, more "fetishy" than what we'd done for GG. In additi

      • Holidays in Latex
        I hope everyone is having a nice holiday season!

        I shot some really low-fi videos for the VacBed site. Just me and Miss Conduct, a couple of VacBeds and a point and shoot camera with video capabilities. We were just sitting at my house, bored, and thought it would be fun.


      • I'm always working... LOL
        So, last night, Bob and I rented a swank hotel suite and had ourselves some fun. We did work, though. Photo shoot, don't you know.

        In between, he shot some pics of me on webcam chat with our very good friend, Julie Spanks. And then I celebrated with a self-portrait. I just adore

      • Holiday Cheer
        I just pulled the holiday box from the attic and was about to set up my rotating gold tree when i noticed a pile of paper snowflakes we made a few years ago. All I can say is, "This is what happens when a one-track mind meets Christmas". Classy, huh?

      • More Paige
        And while we're on the subject of Paige, Secret Magazine issue #29 is out and includes an interview with the lovely Miss Richards. I've got four full-page photos in the article from a shoot we did for Lust Designs. Penny's latex dresses looked so lovely on Paige! I have some more p

      • Paige!!
        Yay! I'm so excited. Paige Richards is in town again. She was here in October too, but her trip to LA and my trip to Europe were the exact same days, so I missed seeing her. She flies home day after tomorrow and has made a special effort to come stay the night with us. I'm feeling luc

      • The Night Lives On
        Miss Conduct just sent me this shot of us together at Torture Garden in London for this year's Rubber Ball Weekend. We had such a good time, and it's nice to get reminders... =)

      • Penthouse
        The new issue of Penthouse (January 2007) is out and they've run a story about So now I've been published in Penthouse! That's pretty fucking exciting. I'm happy to list that credit on my resume. LOL (Whenever I finally get around to updating the damn thing.)<

        12/10/06 has been in a state of limbo for a couple of years, but they unveiled a brand new site design today. And, bonus! A bunch of my photos are shared in their galleries.

        Now, you KNOW how much I love VacBeds, right???

      • Assistants make the world go round
        I have to tell you that one of the greatest things in the world is working with my best friend, Ian. He's a professional photo assistant and has worked on tons of hugely high-end shoots but sometimes I get him to work for me. For slave wages. Isn't he lucky? LOL

        He's a

      • Plushie Spam
        Why on earth would my friends think I'd need an email link to this??


        They're certainly well-meaning. Interested in keeping me up to date on all things fetish-related. But... And still....

        Errr... Not my cup of tea, but thanks!

      • Natalie Minx

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