Staying home rules! 
Apnea and LP are back in town and staying with me this time (yay). 

She was filming a music video today and came back to my house around 9pm.  I drove over to pick up Belladonna and brought her back over here.  We hadn't eaten so I made some bean and cheese pupusas and we all shared.  Then, we watched one of my favorite guilty pleasures, Prince's Under the Cherry Moon.  I think it changed all of their lives.  I'm not kidding. 

Followed that up with a rousing game of Balderdash, with Purple Rain playing in the background.  We made this hilarious video of Apnea in front of the tv during the infamous "Lake Minnetonka" scene.  You'll have to catch that on her website

And now, I just got in from dropping Bella back off at home.  Apnea's already crashed out.  And I've got to leave by 10am for my shoot with Skyler and Scar for GG tomorrow.
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