Sneezing and getting on with it 

seems like everyone's sick or suffering allergies, etc. personally, i haven't been able to breathe through my nose for several days now, and i'm freaking over it!

but... i doped myself up with enough sinus meds yesterday to shoot apnea and belladonna. so worth it. i just love them both! the awesome latex was provided by venus prototype.

some jackass swiped the red/black photo above and posted it without permission on another site... there ensued a big debate about apnea's teeth being rotten and that she needed caps or some such crap. what idiots. the metal "tooth" was a funny little piece from a pirate costume that we bought at a halloween shop. it has a skull and crossbones etched on it. we just thought her outfit looked so circusy that the tooth would be a silly accessory. there's an awesome close-up of it in the gallery.

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