i'm in portland. yay! talked to darenzia yesterday and she got my surprise. i sent her a gourmet cheese basket for her bday. she cracked me up claiming that cheese is her favorite food group. lol.

got here on tuesday and the weather was crazy. over 100 for several days. it's finally cooling off, but wtf!! i mean... come on!! it's portland, oregon for christ's sake! i come up here looking forward to cool weather and a spot of rain! jeez....

but, tonight it was beautiful. the lights from the buildings and bridges twinkling on the surface of the river... i love it here. and, visiting my fabulous pal, betka. good times afoot. really just taking it easy. 2 photo shoots with ms. b while i'm here, but otherwise a much-needed rest.

bob k. and i had the most delicious dinner at this upscale peruvian place. though it wasn't exactly genuine peruvian fare (they had a large tapas menu, and i had the duck confit, go figure) but super yummy. b doesn't have internet at her new place yet, so we're hijacking wireless from the strip club across the street. how's that for class?

that's all for now, and that's more than enough. i want to catch up on sleep and lounge around in my pj's.

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