Good, clean fun! 

h and i went to the orange county fair today. it was a blast! perfect weather, nice and mild with a cool breeze. not too many people there so no crowd induced anger. we saw the giant white steer. h told me about it before we got there but i had no clue as to just how HUGE it really is. it's head was easily the size of four or more of my dachshunds, and it's hind legs are over six feet tall. it was freaking ginormous! we also saw the all-alaskan pig races where these adorable little piglets raced around a mini racetrack. so cute. that and the deep fried snickers bar made for a perfect afternoon/evening.

and, in other news... nexus, which is virgin books' erotica imprint, has purchased quite a few of my photos for book covers in the past.

well, i got an email from the publisher today saying, "I'd like to use this marvellous fem dom image for Whipping Triangle by G C Scott, published Nexus. January 2007." It's this photo of sutan. i had to email him back and let him know that sutan was, actually, a man. haven't heard back yet, but i'm interested to see if he still wants it. made me chuckle in any event!

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