Sexy bitches! 

i had an awesome time the other day shooting with two of my all-time favorite models, darenzia and pia. we went downtown to the Pinup Girl Clothing warehouse and the owner gave us a bunch of outfits to shoot for her website. I already had a giant bin full of every single style of Leg Avenue hosiery that they sell, and i'm taking pics of those for the site too.

we totally scored with the location. my friend, venus, just moved into a new place. she's renting a loft in what used to be a bank building in downtown LA. it's freaking rad! we were able to shoot in the former bank space, and in a big construction zone. i'm hoping that we'll be able to do a GG shoot there next week. just waiting for the thumbs up.

we got a really late start and ended up shooting til 2am. the poor girls were tired but the photos turned out great! darenzia's so beautiful, and so is pia. and pia's got an ass that won't quit, and so does d. so it all worked out perfectly! photos from these sets will appear on the pinup girl site, and the entire sets will be on my site and darenzia's.

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