Camping in my living room 
Apnea and Philip have been visiting me since last Wednesday. It's so great to have them around. Philip is so great to geek out with, photographically speaking, and I got to shoot with Apnea again. We have actually had three shoots since she's been here! Weeee! One solo, one with Miss Conduct, and one with Stoya. I'm feeling lucky. LOL They keep pretty busy when they're in town, so I was extra happy that Apnea and I had some good quality time today. Last time they were here, we were hanging out at my house late one night and I made some frozen pupusas as a snack. She's been obsessed with them ever since. I guess they're a rarity in Texas. I gave her a special treat today by taking her to a genuine Pupuseria for lunch. Delicious, I gotta tell ya. Then I took her and Miss Conduct downtown to the Santee Alley for some shopping before heading over to Hollywood Blvd. to buy some cheap eyelashes. $1 per pair! (It pays to know drag queens.) I'll be sad to see them go Wednesday morning.

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it's very original, Apnea's mask looks like an exotic bird...


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