I've had a Deviant Art account for a couple years now. I've enjoyed being part of the site, posting my images and receiving critiques, meeting new people, enjoying other people's artwork. I had received a lot of requests to make some of my prints available so I finally set up a print account on DA last week. Having no idea about the quality of their prints I decided to go on a little shopping spree and ordered 13 of them, for... um... REASEARCH. Yeah, that's it. LOL Actually, 11 were for me and 2 are going to be gifts.

I received my package in the mail today and I have to say that the print quality was pretty impressive. Apparently, they print using a variety of machines meant to reproduce the artwork with characteristics similar to traditional photographic prints. All but two of the pieces I ordered were printed as photos. I purchased them each at the smallest available size for my own use, and the one that will be a gift was a larger format. All nicely done. The remaining two were only available as postcards and I think I prefer those, actually. The paper stock is nice and thick and the images really pop.

Below are the prints I purchased. Each thumbnail links to the order page of the image.

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