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Haven't been posting much because I've been busily trying to catch up on editing. Latest and greatest was eight sets of Gods Girls photos of my beautiful pal, Apnea, and a new model named Swindle.

This particular GG shoot was unique in that the entire crew was kinky (that'd be me, Pia doing makeup, and Miss Conduct assisting). I usually bring wardrobe to GG shoots to augment the mostly casual clothing that the models provide. This time I brought along some of my latex as well. At the beginning of the day, Swindle had snatched the ballet shoes out of the bin and who am I to stand in the way of a young woman's love of the finer things? We set them aside and I promised her that she'd get to wear them.

For GG, we do eight sets per day. I like to save the best for last, something to look forward to, so latex was number eight. What's funny and oh-so telling was that after I gave each model her outfit for the shoot (Swindle got the black and red Polymorphe hood, Mandy my favorite black and white HW hood, both girls in simple garter belts from Syren) they went off to get changed while we were cleaning up, setting up lights, etc. When Mandy walked back in, Pia exclaimed, "NICE!" in this total leering dirty old man way. Miss Conduct and I cracked up laughing while at the same time totally perving out over her. To this day, we still walk up behind Pia and growl "NICE" in her ear. The thing is, none of my team has ever been so affected at a GG shoot. True testament to our utterly pervy natures. I turned to look at them and thought... "You are my people." LOL

And then, I forget that everyone's not like us. I've posted photos of models in latex hoods on some not entirely fetish photo sites and people have left comments like, "Cool but troubling...". It's so funny to hear the reactions of the vanilla world because I'm so mired in the fetish scene, it just doesn't usually occur to me that people would see it as anything but supremely sexy.

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