Erica Campbell and Post-Its 
I've got my office plastered with 4x6 prints of some of my favorite photos. As I edit at my computer, I print out my favorites on Post-It picture paper and slap them up where I can see them. It's been one of the best things I've done in here because the images provide me with constant inspiration. Not all shoot/models are the same and when I'm slogging through hundreds of photos I wouldn't have taken of my own accord (I'm trying to think of the kindest way to say this. LOL) there's nothing better than looking up from the monitor and seeing photographs that I actually love. It makes me feel like, "Oh yeah! That's why I do this!" Ha ha.

So, today I looked up and saw one of my shots of Erica Campbell. She was Playboy's Special Edition Model of the Year for 2005 and she had hired me to shoot her for her website. On a Post-It print above me was my favorite shot of the day, so I decided to add it as a new print for sale on my Deviant Art account.

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