Photo Booth 
I try to check the GodsGirls site every day. Keep up with updates and the forum and stuff. Yesterday's update included one of my favorite sets. Those shoots are generally 8 sets per day. Sometimes, it's hard to keep the shoots original. One of the best things about shooting for GG, though, is that they're open to different ideas. This one was born out of my love of old black and white photo booths. And Scar was the perfect model for this. She's so free and fun and moves so well. I just set up the camera in front of her and clicked the shutter every 3 seconds. I fixed the focus so that as she moved, she'd sometimes be too close and the image would be blurry, just like one of those booths. I wouldn't do art prints from this set, but we had a lot of fun and that made it memorable.

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