Rubber Dynasty 
Over the weekend, Betka and I hooked up with Gwen for an all-latex photo extravaganza! There was so much yummy rubber floating around the studio that we got a little too eager and didn't manage to shoot everything we'd hoped to. B's coming back in February, though, so we're gonna play catch-up for sure!

I was lucky enough to dress Betka in some of my favorite latex pieces and she looked fucking hot! (Duh...) Gwen brought along a bunch of her own stuff, but B and I were especially gaga for her HW pierced pussy hood and this crazy heavy rubber bondage helmet from Cocoon. That helmet combined with Gwen's "blow job box" made for one nasty Betka. It was very... errrr... "Inspirational". LOL

The full galleries will eventually be added to the MFD members section, but I can't resist giving you a preview.

There are some more samples and I'll be sure to add them to the blog later.

On a side note, I'm feeling kinda powerful too. I've afflicted Betka with the same infatuation I've got for Rubber55 hoods, and she was so inspired by playing in my latex all week that she's decided to branch out into more colored latex. Yay! Can't wait to see it. She's selling a bunch of her latex to make room for the new purchases. Go give her money and you can be all creepy about owning something that's graced her gorgeous body. =)

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Totally HOT............

omg Holy shit those are amazng!


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