My neighbors hate me cuz I run vacuum cleaners in the middle of the night! 
Wow, I'm pooped. It's late and I just got back from dropping Apnea off at her hotel. But! Before that, she and Miss Conduct and I got out a couple of VacBeds and had us a teensy little photo shoot. =)

And, by the way, in the HUGE NEWS department, Miss Conduct dyed her hair last week. It ain't red no more. ;) But... Since she's inside a VacBed or wearing a hood in all of tonight's photos, I guess you'll all have to wait for the unveiling. I think you're going to love it! She looks all classy and shit. Ha ha.

Miss Conduct in, Apnea out.

Apnea in

Apnea on her way out

Once again... Life is good!

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oh how I want one, love the photos!

More! How awesome.
Saw some of Apnea on her site. These are even better. Thanks again.


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