Gay Boys and Pretty Girls 
On Saturday night, I took a bunch of VacBeds over to my friend's bar, The Eagle LA, for their monthly rubber night called Rub Out. LA may be a metropolitan city, but there aren't many opportunities to get decked out in full rubber gear in public. I was one of only two or three women at the event, and the only one in latex, but that didn't impede my fun. There's nothing like a club packed to the rafters with nasty gay boys, and it's even better when they're all decked out in rubber. Byron was there from Syren manning one of the shine stations, and two West Coast Mr. Rubber winners were also roaming the place with big bottles of lube. I set up a VacBed station on one of the pool tables and, with Bud's assistance, we proceeded to blow those boys' minds. =)

I'm getting ready to take off in a second for a shoot with Darenzia, Pia, and Angela Ryan. But I wanted to take a second to upload a photo from the latest GG shoot that I've been editing. Meet Stiletto! I loved shooting her for GG and booked her for myself in February. Stay tuned!

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