Kink Ball Weekend 
Last week was crazy busy with several events and tons of people in town. Friday night was "Slave to Fashion" at the Knitting Factory, and Sunday was Kink Ball at the Ivar.

Sometimes I feel so terribly old and jaded. LOL I often feel like if you've been to one fetish event, you've been to them all. So little is new or exciting, and, honestly, the best thing about these events for me is seeing old friends and meeting new ones. The Friday event wasn't terribly busy, but that's really a non-issue. I ran into some people I hadn't seen in a long time like Talia Monet, Diana Knight, and Jewell Marceau. Some more familiar faces were there too, Byron, Betka, Gwen, Scar, Allen Falkner to name a few. I also met Gia Paloma (pictured here with Betka) and look forward to shooting her very soon!

As for the scheduled entertainment, the only thing I paid attention to was the Pretty Pervy fashion show. I've been a fan of theirs online and saw some of their designs in London, but their show was still so yummy (especially with Courtney and Shelby modeling).

I skipped the Saturday event, Masque, because it was really expensive and I'd heard only negative reviews of the last Masque. Seems I was right not to go. My friends who attended were not pleased, to say the least. The verdict? Crap food served on cheap plastic plates, and the after party closed at 1:30 instead of 5am. The promoters really fucked that one up.

Sunday night, Bob and I were put to work. Gwen and Rubbergal invited VacBed to co-sponsor the Latex Lounge play area. We brought a bunch of VacBeds down and invited people to take them for test drives. The best part was the unveiling of our newest model, the VacBox. It's super fun and restrictive but feels completely different than a standard VacBed. We'll be adding it to the VB site shortly.

Last night, Sonny Black organized a dinner for Tony Mitchell at an Italian joint near Beverly Hills. Betka and I spent the early evening discussing the Kink Ball weekend with Gemini and Gwen and I have come to some conclusions about fetish events in general. It's time for some new entertainment. Back to me being jaded for a sec here... We've seen it all before. Another fashion show. Another piercing suspension. Another bondage show. Another bad "fetish" band (WHY OH WHY MUST THERE BE THEME BANDS?). There's got to be more out there. I'm hoping that a really creative promoter comes along and wow's us with originality. It's gotta happen. I'm crossing my fingers...

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omg that vacbox is exciting :o i wanna try it!

Christine Kessler 
I suppose the problem is that it's easy to criticize but difficult to do anything about it. And, I'm calling myself out here!

I've been to Way too many events with bad bands, pierced suspensions (over the bad bands), and clique-y cronyism with no regard to the guests outside the promoter's little circle (including barging into a play room where scenes were going on with photographers in tow to take pics of your play session that you decide you're suddenly going to have in the middle of the small room.) And then there's more atrocious bands... I completely feel you on wishing something better would come along here!

Bill Lemieux 
1. I don't think I've ever seen a so-called "fetish band" that had any talent to speak of. There was this brother-sister act called Fetish Fetiche or some such tripe that had a good drummer (the brother) but... meh.

2. On the other hand, here in Denver we don't even get fetish parties with piercing suspensions, so perhaps you should count your blessings! :)

What has passed for "fetish parties" around here have been godawful affairs in night clubs with no dress code and nobody riding herd on the drunken yuppies swinging the riding crops they picked up that afternoon from the leather shop, and "dominatrixes" whom nobody has ever heard of (but who look and act suspiciously like strippers) providing the "entertainment".

A friend of mine is hoping to change that with "Kink"
My friend has a clue, and a background in the scene, and she's managed to convince Midori and Kumi to come, so we'll see. But I think I have pretty much given up on so-called fetish parties unless through some miracle I manage to be in a major metropolitan are when a "real" one is going down.

Nice to see an update after so long. I love the box. I look forward to seeing what else you do with it. More pics please !!!


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