Talk about small worlds.... OK, this is kinda long....

My ex owns a tattoo shop. Once upon a time, this guy worked for him. Then the guy moved to Vancouver. Several years later, my ex and I went up to Vancouver for a couple of weeks. We hooked up with his ex-employee and the ex-employee's wife for lunch one day. His wife was Lucretia Stone. Cut to a couple years later and my ex tells me that Lucretia is a fledgling fetish model. Cut to a couple more years later and POW! We're scheduled to work together.

I had seen some of her photos before our shoot, but they SO did not do her justice. The shoot was a dream, she was gorgeous and knew how to move and all the sets turned out wonderfully. I can't wait to do it all again.

Feast your eyes on Lucretia. Damn. I think I love her. LOL

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Christine Kessler 
Well, Tinderman... I certainly didn't mean YOUR images of her. LOL

And, thanks Sweets, Arthur, Simon, and Marilyne! 
Lucretia is great to work with. However, I think some (read 'my') images do her justice ;)

I love her to pieces too.



She's very sexy... i like this girl :)

simon a 
as with the de-lurking below, haha.

she is a good model. there's a natural aesthetic to the picture.

great blog, i'll be back for sure.

Arthur (Myrddyn) from dA 
Cool blog. Just came over to visit from dA. You urged me to de-lurk, so even though I was never lurking I did as you commanded ;) Love your work!

oh my...

Wow. Great job!


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