Serious Bondage 
I had an awesome couple of days shooting with Mark from Serious Bondage. He came down to LA with a car full of strict bondage gear and we rallied a few of my dirty friends to try it all out.

Day 1:
Models: Gwen and Sinnamon
Gear: Metal restraint chair, erector set, heavy cuffs

Day 2:
Models: Bud and Cirus
Gear: Metal restraint chair, heavy locking ball mount, huge chain and heavy cuffs

Also, on both days I shot this awesome rebreather bottle that my pal, Gummi Boy made for me. It attaches to a gasmask and forces the wearer to breathe through whatever liquid is inside the bottle. (On one site, it's sold as a "urine inhaler", if that gives you an idea.)

I can't thank Mark enough for making the trek. We were all so happy to get to play with his gear!

Here are some samples from Day 1. I'll be adding pics of Bud and Cirus shortly.

Also, thanks goes to Betka for loaning us her super fantastic ponytail hood from Rubber55.

Christine Kessler 
Look out, Gimpy... I know where you live! You want some nightmares??? LOL

Man, the shot of the black-clad crash test dummy is going to give me nightmares for weeks!All that expressionless power... >shiver<


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