Art vs. Porn 
A few years ago, Miss Conduct posted this photo to her Deviant Art account. Someone was kind enough to make it the daily deviation so it got a lot of exposure. And, for some reason, it inspired some serious debate along the lines of ART vs. PORN. I was caught up in it and expounded quite passionately on the topic.

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the photo's thread with all 422 comments

As the photographer of this image, I thought I'd say a few words.
First, let me add that I am proud of this image. I find it beautiful, and the model, Miss Conduct, is simply stunning. We collaborated in the photograph's creation and I know she'd agree that we created something striking.
I am often stunned by the comments that are posted in response to such photos. Shocked, really, on so many levels.

-Pornography vs. Art-
Pornography is imagery that causes sexual arousal. Can this image be construed as pornography? Did it get you hot? Then it's pornographic. For the so-called "average" male, pictures of bottle blonde, big boobed women in skimpy bikinis may be pornographic. For the adolescent male, the Victoria's Secret catalog may be pornographic. For some foot fetishists, fully-clothed women pressing on big gas pedals does the trick. Basically, what I'm saying is that the word "pornography" is open to interpretation.

-User andsoitburns asked, "When did porn become art"-
I think that question is hysterical. Let's look back in history, shall we? Do any of these names ring a bell? Picasso, Rembrandt, Mapplethorpe, to name but a few. I am, in no way, comparing my work to any of theirs, just reminding people of the fact that erotic images are nothing new. And, I'm quite sure that each of those artists had to face criticism and worse.

I'm not afraid to say, "I've got them"! Yep. Two of them. And they're in front.
Miss C.'s got them too (aren't they yummy????) and here they are in a photo.
Yes, her breasts were an integral part of the composition. Could I have cropped them out? Sure. Would I? No. I like her breasts, they look beautiful in the shot. The outfit she's wearing was designed so that her breasts would be exposed. Seeing them there and knowing that may make the viewer consider what was in store for them... It may have made the viewer consider the situation for a moment longer than normal. I think that's great! We're bombarded with images all day, every day. If one makes you stop and ponder, or even, stop and comment, then I think it was a successful photograph.

-Art for profit-
So, tell me, is something not art if it can possibly sell? If you go to a gallery and there's a little red dot next to a painting, does that immediately devalue that work? Is it now not "art" because the artist has profited from it? Yes, this image will appear on Miss Conduct's membership website. So what? Perhaps you might applaud her for being bold enough to populate her site with more challenging images than other, more commercial sites. Alternately, you might also commend her for providing such imagery for those people out there who enjoy it. You most certainly don't have to become a member. There is more out there for you to explore. Really, how can you justify your critical comments? The girl needs to eat, after all! She's got bills to pay!

-Art- defines art as: "The conscious production or arrangement of sounds, colors, forms, movements, or other elements in a manner that affects the sense of beauty, specifically the production of the beautiful in a graphic or plastic medium." Is this art or isn't it? Ultimately, that decision is left up to each individual viewer. To me, it is. I think it's beautiful and I have it framed (really, I do!). I appreciate erotic art, and fetish art. You may not, and that is your prerogative.

Finally, I've said this before and I'll say it again, "Not everyone needs to like it". That's the beauty of "art" or music, or movies, or books, etc. Each of us is an individual. We are all entitled to our own tastes and whims. You may like Britney Spears; I sure don't. You may like kung-fu movies; not I. You may like romance novels; I prefer other genres. And, you know what? That's perfect! It's just the way it should be. I don't mind if you look at my photos and don't "get it". That is your absolute right. You know what? Don't look at it! You've got so many other choices! Isn't that terrific??? On deviant art, alone, there are 14,357,885 of options (right at this moment). People, you can exercise your right to choose what you view. If you don't enjoy being challenged by different genres, then don't! Go find something else, please!! Go create your own art and share it with the world. Just don't try to repress my right (or Miss Conduct's right) to do the same thing, or the rights of those who do appreciate it.

I'm glad it was chosen as it's an image I really love. It was actaully a nice challenge to put my thoughts into words. And I hadn't thought about it in quite a while until I saw Michael Helms' journal on the topic the other day.

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Christine Kessler 
Sorry to break it to ya, Hoss.

the Gimp 
oh, and yes, her breasts are scrupmtious and the shot is marvelous.

the Gimp 
You dont like Kung-Fu films??? Not even Kung-Fu Hustle, the greatest movie ever made ? ?

I thought I knew you. I thought we were friends....


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