Update 20 June 
I'm making some changes to my membership site, and detailing the updates here in the blog is one of them. The site is My Fetish DIARY, after all... =)

"Blue VacBed" in the Latex Gallery
Apnea was in town a while back, staying at my house as she often does. We were just hanging out, wasting time one night when we decided to pull out some VacBeds. Miss Conduct was here too, but she doesn't appear in this gallery. I think it was Apnea's first time in a full-coverage VacBed and lord, did she love it!

"Pinstripe Stockings 2" In the Portrait Gallery
My friend, Patrick, was moving to a new house and he was kind enough to let me do a dirty photo shoot in his near-empty digs. This was my first time working with Stoya, though we'd hung out together before. She's so gorgeous and so much fun. And dirty, dirty, dirty!

"Red Rubber, pt 2" - New Video starring Darenzia
D-Rock had this swank hotel room on the Sunset Strip and she invited me over to shoot. We did two videos that morning before checkout including this one. She starts out in a foxy red Atsuko Kudo latex dress and strips down to nothing but heels. She's extra-awesome, though, because she teases you the whole way. Just when you think she's gonna let you in close... You're shut out. It's Mistress Darenzia at the helm!


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