Update 27 June 

"Cinched by Tattoos" in the Corset Gallery
I've had the very good fortune to develop some great working relationships with some of the raddest designers working in fetish today. One of those is Simone from Exquisite Restraint Corsetry. Several years ago, Darenzia showed up to a shoot with a couple corsets from a new company. She wore them, I took the photos, and we sent the images over to Simone. She loved them and we've been working together ever since. At the time, her designs were cool, with some interesting details, but I was really wowed by the awesome fabrics she was using to line her corsets. I am gonna go out on a limb here and say that you can thank me (!) for her decision to start designing some corsets in some really wild fabrics. You're welcome. LOL

In this gallery, Miss Conduct is wearing one of those great designs, a custom piece made with an old-timey tattoo flash pattern. I've shot this particular corset a couple other times (Simone was kind enough to entrust it to me for an extended period of time) and one of those pictures (featuring Mandy Murders) is supposed to be on the cover of an upcoming issue of Skin and Ink.

"Hanging Duo" in the Restraint Gallery
Claire Adams and Kumi came by my studio for a day of shooting a while back. We did a bunch of set-ups, with some amazing ropework by Josef Saunders. In this set, both models are wearing identical black PVC catsuits by Imp of Satan, matching ballet boots, and each of them is suspended by one ankle from a steel suspension bar hanging from the ceiling. Both of them are extremely experienced bondage enthusiasts, not to mention very flexible, and we had so much fun watching them spin and writhe.

Ok, now... These are some OLD photos. I had a gallery exhibit several years ago, and all my wonderful pervy pals came by my house beforehand for a super-classy stand around and eat pizza dinner. Persephone, Emily Marilyn, Steve Diet Goedde, Kumi, Ashley Fontenot, and more... Don't ask me where the 80s glasses came from! I can't even recall.


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