Update 4 July 

I love these photos of Lorraine so much that I made one of them the main photo for the front page of my site. Now, that's saying something. The latex dress and posture collar are by Marquis and were used in one of her adult movies. I'm awfully glad she held onto them because they are unbelievably gorgeous. As is she. Read more about the shoot here.

This gallery is from my first shoot with Ruby Luster. We really hit it off and I know we'll be working together again. I wrote about the shoot here. I know you'll all love this set of photos because 1) Ruby looks amazing, 2) She's wearing La Piazza shoes (I am green with envy!), 3) Besides the shoes, she's only wearing a corset. A super sexy one, but that's it. Yummy!

Betka suggested that I shoot her with Gwen. The first time we tried, we had to cancel (when B comes to town, sometimes we have too much fun together and the priorities change.) The second time, we actually managed to get our shit together and take some dirty pictures. I posted about the shoot here.

In the middle of shooting latex, Gwen got dressed in a shiny silver zentai suit and we went out to the parking garage to shoot it. Actually, I saw this area when I first pulled in and there was something about it that inspired me. I don't know what it was because we've all passed by a million handicapped parking spaces before, but there you go. =)


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