Update 11 July 

"Orange and Latex 2" in the Latex Gallery
In part 2 of this gallery, Lorraine has removed the ginormous rubber posture collar allowing herself a greater range of motion. What's that mean? She gets to play with herself, folks, and it's hotter than you can imagine. Plus, I think we captured the most amazing shots of her ass protruding from the large cutout at the back of the dress.

"$$$" In the Legs Gallery
For the update, I've titled this gallery "$$$", but the original blog post was called "Darenzia's Big Wad". One of the great things about D-Rock as a model is her versatility. This is probably the classiest set of photos we've done together, even if she IS flashing a giant handful of cash and making like a high-priced hooker. =)

"Sealed in at the Eagle" In the Events Gallery
The third part of this week's updates consists of images I shot at The Eagle in March. I took the new VacBox down there and helped a bunch of perverts try it out. As always, the VacBed stuff was a huge hit with a tremendous line of people waiting to take it for a spin. I love the rubber freaks at the Eagle cuz they're not shy in the least. They get in and let whomever's walking by go for a grope.


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