Got the models pimpin' 
After long last, Shelby and I finally got out shit together and shot. Not only did we manage to execute a long overdue photo shoot, but she was kind enough to pimp for me! LOL

Shelby works for Syren and a week or two ago, a couple of young beauties came into the store. Shelby was in the midst of coordinating the Syren fashion show for the Bondage Ball and she was so taken by the girls that she asked them to model for her. They did a great job, especially for non-models, so much so that Shelby invited them to come shoot with us too. Only one was able to make it, Amber, but I'm awfully glad she did. This was her first photo shoot, but I'm certain it won't be her last. She's a sassy one.

So, big thanks to Shelby for pimpin', for letting me shoot at the shop, and for taking all her clothes off. What a pal!

Let me just take a moment here to say how much I LOVE the bunny hood. Betka and I feel head over heels for it at IML. It's a Stockroom original. There's something perfectly perverted about a white leather bunny hood with pink ears.

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the Gimp 
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