I have a ridiculously enormous backlog of photos waiting to be edited. It's daunting. In fact, there's so much to go through that I actually forget about stuff more often than I'd care to admit. Take today, for instance. I was just going through some folders on one of my drives and ran across a set of images of Apnea and Bella from June of last year. I totally forgot about them. We shot about 8 sets that day and I'd already edited all of the other galleries, but missed this one for some reason. I hadn't even posted a sample from it when I got back from the shoot. Weird.

I cannot tell you how much I love this girl. Apnea and I have way too much fun together. Seeing her in this mustache reminds me of this old cartoon of a street sweeper. I've been trying to remember what show he was from, but I'm drawing a blank (no pun intended). Still... I have a spot in my heart forever reserved for Apnea for so many reasons.

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