Update 25 July 

"Divine Shine" with Darenzia and Raja - in the Latex Gallery

This week's latex update consists of a gallery of photos shot in March wherein I bust Miss Raja's latex cherry. More often than not, Raja's role at my shoots is as makeup artist but every once in a while, it's as a model too. Syren provided me with a bunch of latex to shoot and I brought along some of my own collection as well. Darenzia wears Syren and Raja wears a Rubber 55 dress and hood and Simon O gloves and stockings in the gorgeous bathroom at my pal Kirk's house.

"Rebreathing Rubber" with Jean Bardot in the Sessions Gallery

In April, I shot again with Jean after many years. It was really far too long. She's such a latex perv and we get along so well that I don't know why we waited. This was one of my favorites of a day spent photographing her and Anastasia Pierce and Athena Fatale at Anastasia's house. In this gallery, Jean's wearing a red rubber catsuit and clear-faced hood and the gasmask and re-breather bottle I brought along. It was unbelievably hot watching her struggle to breathe through the liquid in the bottle. You can read more details about it here.

"Sneaky Sin" with Sinnamon Love - in the Legs Gallery

The final update is for all of you sneaker fetishists. I pulled these vintage Keds from my bag and handed them to Sinnamon . She paired them with these awesome white leg warmers and a sleeveless sweater top and then modeled her little heart out. LOL She ended up loving these photos so much that one of them has been used as her MySpace main photo ever since. Here's the blog entry about our shoot.


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