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I shot Stoya for the second time yesterday. I'm smitten. I'm hooked. I'm head over heels. She's just amazing.

She just moved back to LA from the east coast, has only been here about a week now. She and J rented an adorable single apartment with a giant walk in closet (funny how that is) less than a mile from my house. They flew across the country with two cats and a few suitcases, and they're living basically furniture-free. Stoya says they're "anti-furniture". She's 21. It's cute for her. LOL

Well, we were totally on a roll. The shooting just flew by and we ended up shooting eight different sets in about four hours. It's some kind of record.

I brought along some clothes, high heels, stockings and pantyhose, some wicked corsets from Exquisite Restraint, and she had three latex outfits that she'd made herself. Such a crafty little thing!

Stoya's so great because: a) she's gorgeous, b) she's got an amazing body, c) she's funny and smart and so damn sexy, and d) she's not a bit shy. This shoot was way dirtier than our first one. When we talked about her limits for the shoot she said, "I'm easing into anal, so I'd rather not do that today". No worries. LOL

This one here is my new favorite photo. It's really a shame to cover up the bits cuz her pussy is gorgeous and she's got a perfect pink butthole. Obviously, the non-censored shot will be made available in an upcoming members update.

As I said, that's my top pick of the day, but it wasn't the easiest choice. We did pretty good together. =)

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