The storm before the storm 
Tomorrow (well, later today, actually) is going to be nuts, full of activity. I am going to Oregon on Sunday, early early early in the morning, with Emily Marilyn. She's picking me up in the darkness of too early to be going anywhere. I don't know when I'll sleep. We will be flying up to Portland, renting a car, and heading over to Yasmin Ling's house where we'll also be hooking up with Ruby Luster. Then the four of us will caravan to a secluded forest destination about an hour outside town.

We'll be there for four days of shooting, and a little bit of fun thrown in too, I'm sure. I'll be celebrating my birthday up there and if I know my friends, it's going to be a hell of a good time.

Yasmin has arranged for us to stay in an out-of-the-way bed and breakfast owned by some kinky friends of hers. We will have the run of the place, and I hear that it's so tucked away from humanity that outdoor nudity is no problem at all.

Perry Gallagher and Michael Helms went up a couple of weeks ago to shoot, and their photos are really inspiring me. Living in the Southern California desert means that nothing in nature gets me quite as excited as the lush green of the Pacific Northwest. In truth, that's a lie, I'm dying to get to some glaciers one day, but this comes a close second.

The following images were shot there by Perry and Michael, respectively. Can't wait to steal their ideas. LOL

I've been planning this trip for about a month, so the level of frantic activity has been steadily escalating. I've been shooting (Stoya and Fae below) and editing, updating my sites and working on the back-end stuff. Recently edited this set of Courtney Cruz and Darenzia from July 18th. Somehow I managed to miss posting about the shoot...

We got a bunch of clothing from Fierce Couture and had a full day of shooting. We started bright and early with Darenzia and Emily, then met up with Courtney, Shelby, and Venus around dusk. These are the samples I have from that day, though there were about six more sets that aren't represented here!

Emily and Darenzia's hair and makeup perfected by the talented hands of Alex LaMarsh.

Well, wish us luck! Can't wait to see what gorgeous images and naughty fun we'll get into in the wilds of Oregon!

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