In the wilds 
So, here I am in Sandy, Oregon. It's positively spectacular up here. A million shades of green all around us. The trip, so far, has had its ups and downs. We've had fun and did a bunch of shooting yesterday. But before that, my camera died. We had to head back down into town to buy a new one. Not fun, and unexpected, but what else could I do? On top of that, not only is there no cel reception up here, but my phone won't even charge. LOL There's more, but I can't depress myself by dwelling on the fact that I've got some sort of magnetic field around me that's causing all electronics to fail. Ha ha.

Well, Ruby and Emily are getting dolled up as I type this, in preparation for some very concentrated shooting. The sun's finally come out after a day and a half of rain, so I'm looking forward to taking them and a bunch of latex outdoors.

In the meantime, here are two photos from yesterday. =)

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Christine Kessler 
Thank you, Marta and Victoria. I'm so happy that you commented!

And, Marta, put in a good word for me with your boss. =)

Marta L. 
OMG!!! I just find you and I just can't believe it!!! ADORE your work, um, yeah - who doesn't ?? - but just 2 let you know you inspired me soooo much, coz I just thought about start to do some kinky pics myself ... I'm small fish, but - yeah, I have fetish about fetish photography some time now (I'm assistant at Playboy, Slovenia)... so kinda you are my idol!! I'll stop being shy and that crap! lol

Rock on, Cristine!

Victoria E 
Great shots! Sorry to hear that you have been having some bad luck, but with images like that, you must have something good on your site :)


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