Update 22 August, 2007 

VacBox Double-Team 1 - with Anastasia, Jean Bardot, and Athena - in the Sessions Gallery

I'm lucky enough to be able to lay my hands on some really wicked gear, before it's even available to the general public. (Thanks to VacBed.com!!) I brought the VacBox (latex bondage in cube form) to my shoot with Anastasia, Jean and Athena. Jean and Ana really flipped over it and we struggled to stay focused as each of them took turns taking it for a spin. This set is Ana's first VacBox experience. She's wearing a black rubber catsuit and two hoods (she's my kinda rubber perv!) and is forced to suck on Mistress Jean's big black strapon. I'll take a moment to mention that Jean's wearing a giant inflatable torpedo tit catsuit that I openely ogled throughout the session. ;)

Minty with Courtney Cruz and Shelby - in the Latex Gallery

Shelby and Courtney dangled garment bags full of fancy custom latex before me when we hooked up for our last shoot. These outfits were made by their friend, Alisa, and they're just gorgeous. Hopefully, you'll have time to admire the beauty of the garments before the girls take them off and Courtney starts to manhandle Shelby.

Pattern Riot with Angela Ryan - in the Legs Gallery

This gallery was actually shot a few years ago. Angela had these great 80s-esque pumps with a black and white pattern and I knew that I had the perfect socks to go with them. Black with stripes made of net, they looked stunning on her legs. The whole gallery has a very upbeat feeling with a lot of color and patterns and Angela's wonderful looks.

Bonus set! New and Fierce with Darenzia and Courtney Cruz - in the Latex Gallery

I've decided to add this little gallery as a bonus because it consists of the solo shots taken for the designer, Fierce Couture. The rest of the gallery, wherein the ladies get all sexified together, will be added later as part of a regular update. =)


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