Update 29 August, 2007 

VacBox Double-Team Pt. 2 with Anastasia Pierce, Jean Bardot, and Athena - in the Sessions Gallery

In part 2, Ana's removed her catsuit and has entered the box nude. Jean put a gasmask on her and gave her some excruciating demonstrations of breath control. Anastasia said later that she really loved the sensation of floating when the VacBox was flipped upside down. This was shot back in May and you can read a little bit more about the day here.

Golden Days with Ruby Luster and Emily Marilyn - in the Legs Gallery

I'm pleased as punch to bring you this sexy stocking gallery. Emily had received a package full of lingerie in the mail and was kind enough to prance around in it for me. She and Ruby have some serious chemistry and it's apparent in this set. High heels, sheer lingerie, fully-fashioned stockings and two foxy chicks who can't keep their hands off each other... What more could you ask for? I posted about the shoot here.

Dipping into the Sheath with Xanthia - in the Latex Gallery

Xanthia's an amazing person. You'd have to meet her to know what I mean. She's always laughing and positive, but not in that creepy cheerleader way. LOL She was falling all over herself at the prospect of shooting nothing but latex. The blue catsuit by Simon O in this gallery has a built-in vaginal sheath. Basically, there's a white rubber cockring fitted with a thin white latex condom that is inserted into the pussy. It's beyond sexy. Well, Xanthia and I had a little chuckle at the fact that this was her first ever shoot with penetration. She couldn't keep her fingers from dipping if her life depended on it. I'm honored to be the photographer she made the plunge with! More about this shoot was posted here.


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