I've spent the last couple days with my girl, Porcelain. Stay tuned for her upcoming website Girl Number 9. She's in town visiting from her home on the other end of the country and we hadn't seen each other since our first shoot back in July of 2006. The poor thing is stuck way out in an icky part of town, virtually ignored by her hosts... I HAD to go rescue her. LOL

We hung out and caught up the other night, and the following morning I took her down to Melrose to buy some hair dye, hit some shops, and grab a bite for lunch. I dropped her back off where she's staying so that she'd be able to get ready for her first shoot of the trip. I picked her up again yesterday and drove us over to my friend G's house. He's selling his house and skipping town, so we had a great big empty suburban house to do with what we wanted.

Porcelain had two suitcases and I brought a bunch of latex and corsets, and some encasement sets, and a giant bag of ultra-high fetish shoes. We took our time digging through everything, pawing shiny rubber, and pulling out things that inspired us. Even so, our entire day was slowed down by the incredible heat. I took the picture above with my phone. That thermometer was located outside the kitchen door of the house, under an awning. Yep, that makes it 100 degrees in the shade! With the a/c cranked, we pushed on. LOL

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Christine Kessler 
Gimpy, sweet, sweet Gimpy...

Is that how I can finally lure you to LA for a visit? The promise of back-breaking labor for no pay? SWEET!!

I wish I cold be your assistant, but visiting your site is almost as good.
As always, amazing work with gorgeous models.

always your pervy lurker, gimp.

Christine Kessler 
Hi Adelle,

Thanks for your interest! I've been meaning to add a print shop option to my sites but I just haven't had time yet. Please use the contact form on my portfolio site to send me an email and we'll figure out what you're looking for.

Hi - My husband and I would like to purchase prints of your photos for our bedroom. Is that possible? Where can we order?




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